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 Da' Cove News . . . 10/31/17

    Welcome Fall !!!  We have a number of events coming
 up the next few months.  Some are Members Only while
 others we welcome everyone.  CLICK the EVENTS button
 to the left and get information on . . .

 • The Little Friars "Not So Scary" Halloween Party
 • The Adult Halloween Party
 • The Friars Cove 48th Annual Thanksgiving Morning
   Touch Football Game
 • The Adult Christmas Party
 • Breakfast With Santa Kids Christmas Party

            All information regarding the 4th of July Raffle
  Baskets,  Kids Games, event times and volunteer sign
  up position closures can be found on the EVENTS page.
  CLICK the EVENTS link to the left to view.  Thank You!

  Posted : 6/3/17
  Late Breaking . . .
       The Friars Cove Pool is now OPEN.  Today's hours
  of operation are 11 - 9:00p.m.  All hour and pool closure
  information can be found on our Pool & Facilities page.

   The 4th of July is soon approaching.  Keep checking the
  Events Page for more information.  We Need Donations
  For This Years 4th of July RAFFLE BASKETS and KIDS
  Contact Jenni Calabrese for more information
  Phone : 1-224-563-9964

  Posted : 4/4/17
  The 2017 FC Lodge Yard Sale

  Donation Drop-Off Times : April 17, 18, 19 from
  1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  (Mon., Tues., &
  The lodge will be
  opened during these hours.

  Friars Cove Lodge Yard Sale Dates : April 20, 21, 22
  (Thurs., Fri. & Sat.)
  Anything can be donated except food
  items.  Have an old bike that still works?
  An old microwave
  in working order?  A fishing pole gathering dust in the
  garage?  BRING’M ON OVER!!  It’s for our lodge.

  Posted : 4/3/17
  Memorial Day Weekend & Lodge Dues !!!

         Even though it's a little ways off,  we all know that
  Memorial Day weekend means the beginning of the Friars
  Cove Pool Season !  Please make sure your lodge dues have
  been paid in.

       All our members make the Friars Cove Lodge what it is
  so THANK YOU,  THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance for your
  continued patronage and dedication.

  For information on ANYHING,  please contact
   Sec. David

  Thank You!