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The Friars Cove Lodge, Inc.

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WELCOME to Friars Cove!

            The Friars Cove Experience :  A safe,  semi-private environment.  Friars Cove is

a place for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.  We are a community that enjoys fun,

excitement and even that quiet stroll on a Sunday afternoon.  Some of us wake up for a

brisk early morning walk while others prefer a decent cup of coffee and the morning


Some might say, "We can do that anywhere. What's the big deal?"

             Here's the scoop . . .  The Friars Cove Experience gets even better with

membership.  As a member you get full access to the Friars Cove Pool.  Say you've

just finished mowing the lawn,  washing the car or pulling weeds in the garden.

Perhaps a long day at work also deserves some reward. On a hot August day with

temperatures in the 90's,  dive into the sky blue pool waters and get a much needed

and refreshing break.  When you're done swimming,  grab a chair and relax under one

of the umbrella tables while you sip down your favorite drink. (plastic cups/cans only) : )

         The Friars Cove Park also provides entertainment for kids and adults.  The

playground's slides,  swings and monkey bars are perfect for families with kids and for

grandparents when the grandchildren visit.   It also wouldn't be a complete park without

volleyball and bocci ball courts.  And did I mention Lodge Rentals?  Plan your next

party or social gathering at the lodge.  A beautifull wooded theme adds a touch of the outdoors to any occasion.  Comes complete with unstocked wet bar,  kitchen amenities,

refrigerator, etc.  CLICK HERE for more information!

            Finally,  from New Years to the 4th of July to Christmas,  take a look at the

Events category and see what's cookin' in the cove this year.

            On behalf of the Friars Cove Lodge, Inc.,  thank you for taking the time to

discover all you can get out of being a Friars Cove Lodge Member and have a

Great Day!


        Mr.  David Calabrese / Secretary

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In The NEWS . . .

by : Sec. David Calabrese

        Using a little elbow grease never hurt anyone.  At least that's what the mentality was this past

weekend when "The Crew",  our band of weekend warriors,  hit the banks of the pond to continue

clearing the dead trees and brush.  The over growth on the tennis courts was also addressed and

the surface was completely cleared off.  More work will be needed but this is a huge step forward and

the overall asthetics of our lodge and grounds has been improved tremendously.  Crew Cheif Greg

Stopka had this to say.  "Convey my thanks for all of the assistance given.  Looking forward to future

projects to improve our neighborhood.  "The Crew" : Greg Stopka,  Dan Consalvo,  John Kwarcinski,

Doug Proske,  Louis Colella,  Joe Dempsey,  Steve Castellano,  Me